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Customer Testimonial

"I have employed the services of Solid Ground Landscaping for over 10 years. Whether the job is mulching flower beds, installing a natural stone walkway with steps, building a deck, the work has been well done with efficiency and care. Dave is always easy to communicate with and has lots of great ideas with an artistic approach."

- Avon Corneil 

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Past Employee Testimonials

"My time spent at Solid Ground Landscaping was great, I really enjoy the memories I made there. The things I enjoyed most about Solid Ground Landscaping would be the flexibility, high team structured moral, and most importantly, the satisfaction of a hard day’s work. Working for Dave was great, my ideas were always heard and my input was well respected. My years at Solid Ground Landscaping were fun and constructive, I consider this a great place to work."


- Tammy Freiburger (Summer Student, 2012-2015 / Team Lead, 2015-2019)

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"Working at Solid Ground Landscaping was a great experience for me! The teamwork and positive moral made it enjoyable attending work every day. During my time spent with Solid Ground Landscaping I was able to improve my knowledge of the landscape industry immensely, all thanks to Dave. My questions were always encouraged and answered with great direction and detail. I view Solid Ground Landscaping as a great place to work and I am thankful for my time spent there."

- Logan Tolton (Summer Student, 2018)

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