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Softscape Services

Looking for a new flower bed to accent your property? Or possible a tune up of your existing flower beds? We at Solid Ground Landscaping can facilitate these needs and many more. Please take some time and view our services below and give us a call for a quote.

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Charming flowerbeds located on your property are often desirable; however, the headache of installing them and maintaining them is not. Luckily, we are ready to take care of this for you by providing installation and maintenance services for all flowerbeds. When installing flowerbeds we consider the future of these flowerbeds, by installing low maintenance plants and flowers that are sure to make things easier for the homeowner in the future without sacrificing the delightful visual appeal. 

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Sod Installation/ Lawn Returfing 

Is your lawn more dirt than grass? Or possibly past the point of no return? Is can be frustrating trying to get your lawn to a point of satisfaction, so why not leave it up to us? Give us a call and we will come and assess your needs and develop a plan of action to get your lawn back up to par.

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Tree Planting

Trees offer a variety of magnificent advantages to your property including privacy, shade, and visual appeal. We have the knowledge and ability to provide you with the right tree(s) that is/are sure to meet your needs.

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Lawn Rolling

A flat lawn helps prolong the health and look of your lawn as well as the safety of your property by minimizing the opportunity for injury as a result of falls or twists.

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