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Hardscape Construction

Are you tired of being cooped up inside with no outdoor space to enjoy? We can help with that! Enjoying the great outdoors is important, but sometimes difficult to do with limited space to enjoy. Contact us today so we can help you design and maximize the potential of your outdoor space. Whether it be a patio for your new outdoor dining set, a fire pit to share laughs with your friends, or a fence to create privacy within your outdoor space, WE CAN HELP!  

Retaining Walls

Our retaining walls are built to last with minimal to no maintenance required after installation. We can create retaining walls out of a variety of materials depending on the primary function of the wall. Retaining walls can be used to maximize yard space by flattening grass areas. Additionally, they can be used to give your property an extra visual “pop” through the installation of raised flowerbeds.


Patios are essential to all outdoor entertaining spaces, as they provide a firm foundation for outdoor chattels such as tables, seats, barbeques, and so on. We offer a variety of designs that will complement your home and environment perfectly. Our patios are built with up to date industry practices which are sure to last for many years to come.


Stone walkways are an inviting way to integrate your outdoor entertainment areas into one, as well as provide functionality to your property by keeping high traffic areas well maintained. There are also secondary benefits found in walkways, such as keeping home entrances clean by suppressing dirt and sand often found within high traffic walking areas.


Allowing your property to flow from your indoor space to your outdoor space assists in maximizing the functionality of your property, in addition to turning your entrance ways into a focal point. We can create steps out of a variety of materials, including natural stone and manufactured stone.

Fire Pits

Fire Pits are a great place to entertain guests and they also add the benefit of creating an appealing visual to your outdoor entertaining spaces. We can created fire pits out of a variety of stone which range in price points. In addition to the fire pit itself, we can create a flat and welcoming seating area to place chairs and/or benches.

*Note: We do not sell or create the steel fire rims seen in our photos*


Privacy within your outdoor space is important and could be considered crucial in some instances. Privacy fences are a great way to achieve this while living close to neighbors or roadways. In addition to privacy fences we also install rod iron and chain-link fences designed to keep children and pets safe within your property.

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